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Class Timetable

Develop a strong core and pain free posture with Pilates and Yoga

If you are concerned about your posture, have a health issue or back pain or feel uncomfortably inflexible – a small Pilates or Yoga class may just be the answer you are looking for. Suitable for any age, the controlled, precise and progressive movements can help you gain strength, balance and flexibility safely and even totally reshape your body! Moreover, the focus on breathing, relaxation and releasing is a superb antidote to stressful, modern living.

Many people are concerned or nervous about joining a class at first – and many people worry that they won’t be doing the exercises properly or safely when in a larger class. Joining a small class of just 12 people or less with Stefania will definitely provide the best start.You will benefit from a specialist teacher who provides personal guidance that is not possible in larger classes or big leisure centres.

Stefania will adapt and modify Pilates and Yoga programmes to suit the specific needs of the individual within a warm and welcoming environment and will get to know you very well!

The benefits from attending a small Pilates or Yoga class will facilitate physical exercise and sports of all kinds and provide you with strength and mobility for everyday life.

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